Coniston Cricket Club with the Coniston Institute and Grizedale Arts are making an open call for the redesign of a new Cricket Pavilion for the Sports Fields.

The project is community-led in an attempt to raise awareness of the various possibilities for such buildings, and what it says about the future, and ambition of the village.

The site is undoubtedly one of the most visually stunning in whole of the country, situated at the dramatic foot of the Coniston fells, however the existing pavilion is little more than a hut and a series of sheds containing multitudinous lawn mowers.


  • To replace the existing decrepit pavilion
  • To create an exemplar building that makes full use of it’s location and context
  • To promote a community involvement in the design and build
  • For the process to be broadly educative in terms of the project and the wider village built environment
  • To create a multi use space able to generate its own income
  • To sustain and develop sports and tourism in the village


The Cricket ground is part of a shared area of playing fields including Bowls and Tennis clubs. The land is leased from the Coniston Institute under a 25 year arrangement that has just been renewed. The infrastructure of the grounds has badly decayed over the past 50 years and all pavilion facilities now need to be replaced.

The Cricket club have approached Grizedale Arts to assist in the development of a new multi-purpose building, Some discussion has been entered into and some levels of agreement between the parties reached – principally that the project should proceed and that there is partial funding for the project. Further work is required to clarify detail.

The proposal

Grizedale Arts has suggested that a new pavilion be designed and built with the intention that it should function to serve all parties on site and offer off -season use as a holiday let. The intention being to generate an income to allow the sports clubs to continue and to offer further opportunities to generate new members. Furthermore the income generated would feed back to the Coniston Institute contributing to funding a building and programme manager post with responsibility for the pavilion.

The project would introduce and develop a contemporary approach to architecture. The intention being to demonstrate the value of contemporary design, an environmentally sensitive approach and the idea of a community built and owned resource that works for both local and visitor


Apart from the necessity to replace the existing building and the potential to generate a sustainable income, the project will act as an education in architecture and design for a key group within the village. The process of design will work with the already well established groups associated with the Coniston Institute through a series of talks, workshops and social events. The process will address pertinent issues around local housing, tourism and community cohesion, informing and empowering the community to take a more active role in the future of their village and environment.

The building would utilize the full range of available green technologies to be a local example of recycled, and green technologies.

The Brief

The brief for the Coniston Cricket Pavilion is multi-voiced and multi-directional and is published online. Like the development itself the brief aims to set a new model for community-led projects.  The brief is always a key part of any architectural process, when the relationships between those involved get established.

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