Contact and Credits

Grizedale Arts

Grizedale Arts is an arts organisation based in the Parish of Coniston, based at Lawson Park farm on the eastern edge of the village. It plays an active role in the community as well as running a national and international programme of exhibitions, projects, education and artist development.

Any inquiries should be sent to using Cricket Pavilion in the subject header.


Kathrin Böhm

Kathrin Böhm has been involved in making the brief for Coniston Cricket Pavilion by compiling and structuring opinions and ideas for the new structure. Her maps and drawings illustrate local relations and collective criteria for the new pavilion.

Kathrin is an artist and founding member of the art and architecture collective Public Works and the artist initiative



Hydar Dewachi

Hydar’s role included documentation (filming, photography and audio recording) of the workshops and building the brief website.

Hydar Dewachi is a photographer, filmmaker, artist and engineer based in London. He works in the fields of technology and creativity and his work has ranged from photography and filming commissions, web and print design and computer (IT) support and consultations.



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