In research for the design of the pavilion Grizedale have organised workshops and talks held in the Institute for interested villagers, from a variety of artists, architects and designers who work in appropriate ways. This has included the Yangjiang Group from China who built a large scale open air structure, the After Dinner Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion, which, although unsuited to the rainy site of Coniston, has been exhibited at Eastside Projects Birmingham and features at Frieze Art Fair 2012. Dominic Stevens also gave a public talk and open discussion on the possibilities of low cost contemporary builds, an Irish architect who works with low cost and low impact projects, using local materials, to create functional rural buildings which work with and take account of their context. We have also had a workshop by Michael Marriott, a product designer who makes practical furniture with recycled materials and simple designs, talking about design as a process, unconscious design and bad design, in order to unpack some of the thinking about how the way things look is influenced and controls their usage.

Cany Ash and Robert Sakula from Ash/Sakula showed a series of master-planning projects for small communities to kick-start thinking about the village as a development, which needs an agenda instead of being driven by individual and private investment. Their projects often combine ecological technology with the use of local materials and the workshop following the presentation was centered around local material resources,  public village infrastructure and possible looks.

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